We’re in Chicago!

Please be praying for us. We just got done with the first leg of our trip – we’re in Chicago – and it’s already been an adventure. 1 canceled flight, 2 redirections, 3 delays, and 1 aircraft maintenance later, we’ve FINALLY arrived in Chi-town, and we’re pretty excited about it. Katya and I are learning to treat things like this as an adventure. That’s not to say that we’re never disappointed, but we’re learning to trust God more with these things.

Some stuff you can pray for:

  • Katya’s and my backs / necks already hurt from carrying all of our stuff… 😛 We didn’t sleep that well last night, so that’s probably contributing
  • No more redirects / changes in flights… We’d really like to make it to Ukraine on time.
  • Our time in Kyiv (the capital city) – we’ll be there for 3 days before we go back
  • Just time for us to be alone and rest for a day or two… We’re pretty beat from traveling around the U.S., and we’ll be staying with family when we get to L’viv.


LATER EDIT – Once we flew to Frankfurt from Chicago, we spent an awesome time with a missionary girl we met who was serving in South Africa. She was on her way home to America. We got to buy her some coffee and play Skip Bo with her. After that, we discovered that the Frankfurt airport is a lot like a huge labyrinth. It took us about half an hour to get from our arriving gate to our departure gate, and we had to go through security again.

Finally, once we got to our gate, they discovered that our tickets to Ukraine had been CANCELED! Katya and I just laughed and laughed, taking it in stride. They rushed and rushed, trying to find us another seat, and eventually got us one. My guitar even had its own personal seat in business class. Friends then met up with us in Kyiv and took us to the Calvary Chapel church office where we would stay for a few days before going to L’viv.

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