The Prayer Meeting was Great

2014-04-12 17.37.30Well… This is our last weekend in America for a while. We do hope to come back in about two years just to visit. Thanks a lot to all that have made our stay in the U.S.A. so awesome! We really enjoyed visiting all of you all over the States.

We had a great prayer meeting today at Horizon Christian Fellowship (see picture left). Thanks to all that came. We really appreciate all of you that are praying for us and helping us in so many ways.

Please keep praying for us as we prepare to take off on Tuesday. We actually won’t be home until Saturday night, because we couldn’t find train tickets from Kyiv to L’viv until then.

Some stuff you can pray about for us:

  • Safe travels
  • Luggage problems (we are still negotiating with the airline as to how many bags we can take – they are supposed to give us an extra bag)
  • Vision for web-ministry (David is working on a strategy to help the social media team in L’viv really take off)
  • Wisdom with our studies and work (Katya is considering two jobs, and David is studying in seminary)
  • The general situation in Ukraine (separatists, Russian instigation, armies at the border, and an economic currency crash are all there waiting for us)
  • Pastors and Christians in Eastern Ukraine (they are the closest to the border and the most affected by the Russian invasion)
  • Revival in Ukraine


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