Saying “Goodbye” to a dear friend…

Every once in a while, God sends someone along in your life that is more than just someone to hang out with, more than just a friend to say “Hi” to when you see in church… I’m talking about those people that God uses to help you dig deeper in your heart, see what He is doing, and follow Him more closely. Our friend, Pam Nelson, is like that for us.

Pam is a good friend. She’s got a gift of telling you what you need when you need it – and I don’t mean telling you what you need to hear. She’s always been encouraging, though.

When Katya and I have had a “bad day” (read “when we had a fight”), she was there to tell me that I need to be a loving, understanding husband and give all kinds of other good advice. She even helped me clean up my apartment before our wedding so that Katya came home to something better than a pig sty. (Thanks, Pam!!!)

Today, we said goodbye. What I actually mean is – today, we said, “See you later.” On Thursday, Pam is flying back to the States, and she won’t be coming back to L’viv… at least, not as a full-time missionary. She (and we) hope that she will come back to visit sometime, of course, but her work here is done.

A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is born for adversity.
– Proverbs 17:17

Pam, you’ve been a real friend, and we will all miss you. Please be praying for Pam in her transition to her new life and other ministry opportunities, etc. when she gets back in the States.

P.S.This Thursday, Katya and I are going into Kyiv for her visa interview. That will tell us whether or not she can get a visa and go to the States. We are confident that she will get it, but the staff at the embassy told us to not even buy plane tickets until after the interview, just in case something happened. Please continue praying for this whole process. God has given us a peace that truly “surpasses our understanding“, and we are very thankful for that.

2 thoughts on “Saying “Goodbye” to a dear friend…

    1. It was good! Thank you! We are excited to get to states in Christmas, but the consular officer said that we might not be able to stay for the whole time, so please pray for us! Thanks a lot!

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