Packing up!

2013-11-09 00.44.18
Katya packing

Katya and I are getting ready to move over to her parents’ house to save some money for plane tickets. Please pray for us during that time. I’m excited for it (and Katya’s parents are really excited for it – they love having us both near! 😀 😀 ), but it’s also going to be a lot less space and less privacy for us.

It’s been good to go through all our stuff, though. We’re throwing away some stuff that we don’t need, giving a lot of other stuff away, putting a bunch of stuff up at Katya’s parents’ apartment, and taking a few things back to America with us. We won’t have much room at all when going back to the States, so I guess another thing you guys could pray for is wisdom for us as we’re packing.

Can't forget Katya!
Can’t forget the most important thing – my wife!!!

Katya, of course, has been a big blessing to me in all of this. 😀 I love watching her bounce around the apartment, listening to music, and packing. Please be praying for her – being in the States will be a bigger transition for her, as this will be her first time there. I just don’t want her to go through culture shock.

Thank you to all of you that are praying for us, that have been sending us encouraging notes, etc.! Keep it comin’! 😀 😀 We LOVE hearing from you guys!

P.S. – Please be praying for Katya’s visas and for our tickets! Those are the two big things that could keep us from being there for Christmas / New Year’s, and I really want to see my family and be there for Christmas. Thanks a lot!

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