Looking back…

Wow… I was just updating and importing everything from our old blog (“MissionL’vivUkraine”), and I got to saw posts from almost 4 years ago. I see how much I’ve changed, how much I used to worry about coming to Ukraine, etc. It really, really does make a difference when you know the end of the story. I had no idea I’d be living in my own apartment, with my Ukrainian wife, speaking fluent Ukrainian, and planning on moving on to another ministry in 3 1/2 years. Things that were SUCH a struggle back then are so easy now, and I’ve forgotten what it was like back then.

I guess I really am growing…

Do you ever look back and think like that? That’s one of the things that I love about having a journal. In addition to our blog, I’ve been keeping a journal for the past couple of years, and the transition there is even more drastic, because I record those deep prayers, those inner thoughts that I don’t want to show anyone but Jesus.

I think blogging is a great practice for anyone because of that, but I think journaling is SO much more beneficial. If you have an old journal that’s not full yet, fill it up! Write a little every day. Pray through your pen. I LOVE communing with God by journaling every day. It’s so refreshing, and I find God speaking to me SO often through that.

Another thing that does is it helps you to see what you’re thinking. Once you express something in words outside of your mind, it can give you a totally different perspective on what you want to say to that person, or if this person really meant to offend you, etc.

Looking back helps me to go forward.

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