Just a few weeks left…

Wow…  I have less than 7 weeks left as a single, young man.

God, please help me to use this time honoring You with all that I do, especially in preparation for wedding my beautiful bride, Katya.

We got our rings in the mail yesterday!  Here’s a shot of them:

We went with titanium rings with a little silver stripe through the lower edge.  They’re REALLY comfortable, light, and extremely strong.  I’m excited that I’m not worried about rock climbing, going camping, swimming, etc. with them, ’cause they’re basically indestructible.

Please be praying for the rest of the preparation, as Katya and I are still working out the details of my wardrobe (it’s kinda hard to find western wear in Western Ukraine… who knew? haha), and we are getting other little details nailed down.  I’m still working on our honeymoon dates, etc.

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