Some things go in the e-mail faster than on the blog…

Hey, guys!  I just realized that not everyone knows that Katya and I are holding off on getting married!  😀  I know that the date for the wedding’s already past, so if you’re just hearing now, I’m SO sorry!  If you would like to sign up for my e-mail updates, please click here to make sure you’re getting them!

Here’s what I wrote in the e-mail:

Katya and I were originally planning to get married at the end of October, but, after going through some pre-marital counseling with Mike and Michelle (my pastor and his wife), we both feel like we were rushing things, and some things were just not practical*.  We’re going to take some more time to plan, pray, and prepare.

(Click here to see the whole e-mail.)

*i.e. – A lot of other logistical stuff, including none of my family being there.

So, anyways…  Thanks a lot for you guys prayers and support!  😀

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