Business, Dogs, and God

The flier for Friday…

Wow, it’s been a busy time lately!  Between our church starting a new concert and cafe ministry (, our already existing English program (, and plans for Katya and me getting married, I’m pretty busy!  I’m really glad God is working in L’viv and using us!  Please be praying for us this week as we’ll be passing out around 3,000 fliers for the cafe ministry.  We’re officially starting that on Saturday with a local band called Provider.  They are a Christian rock band that’s been recommended to us.

The other day, I was walking Katya home like I usually do.  I think we were coming back from discussing some wedding details.  While walking and talking, we noticed a dog trotting along with us.  He was very friendly, and we called to him a little bit.

That didn’t last long, because, all of a sudden, some other dog jumped out of the bushes and tried to attack that first dog!  Katya’s first reaction was to grab my hand (which was already in hers) really tightly.  My first reaction was just the opposite – I whirled around to put myself between her and the dogs and wrenched my hand free from hers!  I wanted to be free to attack them or defend her as needed.  I don’t know if I’ve ever had a quicker reaction to do something like that…  My whole concern was Katya’s safety; I had no other thought.  The whole thing was over in a split-second, because the dogs had already ran away from us, but it left an impression in my mind.

I think Jesus is like that.

He saw us in the dangerous situation of mire, sin, and destruction and He had no other thought!  He only wanted to save His beloved – you!  He came down and gave Himself up for our transgressions – He put Himself between us and the danger so that we could live while He died.

I believe He is still our Savior today, and He saves us from the things that enslave and entangle us.  Though He’ll never die again, the Bible says that “He always lives to interceded for us” and that He is “able to save [us] completely” because we draw near to God.  (Hebrews 7:25)

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