Time in Minnesota

Well, I just got done visiting my dad and family in Minnesota, and I’m about to fly out from Minnesota to Texas. I’ve had a lot of fun here. It was really cool to be able to fit in with everyone so, very well. I’ve never met several of these people, but a couple of them, I feel like I’ve known for years. I’ve really had fun with them.  I even got to connect with a Calvary Chapel pastor while I was here.  He’s the pastor of Calvary Chapel St. Paul, MN.  I really enjoyed eating a Chicago dog and drinking some coffee with him a couple of days ago.  He knows the Markey family and knew George Markey Sr. before he left for Ukraine the first time.

Some of my Minnesota family…

The weather is kind of funny right now.  In Minnesota of all places, we didn’t have a white Christmas.  It’s been sunny out the past couple of days, and I’ve really enjoyed it.  Others here miss the snow, though… haha.  I told them, “You know… God knows I’m a Texan, and He’s being nice.”  This place can be even colder than L’viv, Ukraine, and I’m really glad that God’s holding off the cold, at least until I leave.

I’ll be in Texas for about a week and will be celebrating New Year’s with my mom and family down there.  Thanks a lot for everyone that prayed about my stomach issues from the last blog post.  I’m feeling WAY better and I should be just fine.  I still feel like I could be getting a little sick, but I don’t feel sick to my stomach at all.

You guys can see more pictures of my trip so far in America on my Facebook page under the Christmas 2011 album (or just click here).  I’ll be updating that more ‘n’ more while I’m here.  You may have to be signed into Facebook and added as a friend of mine to access those photos, though.  😛

Please be praying for my trip back.  I haven’t purchased my ticket yet.  I’m still trying to work out the exact dates with my travel agent.  Thanks!

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