Worship Seminar

I’ve been praying about the vision has for the worship team in L’viv, and I think God is honing the vision He has for us, and He’s really been using this time in America to do it. It’s almost like this trip has been a worship seminar for me. I’ve gotten to observe several different teams, and I even got to play with one or two of them since I’ve bee back, and that’s been a huge blessing. I feel like every worship team or every church teaches me a little more about what to do or what not to do with the worship team in L’viv. Whatever I do in L’viv, I want to do it well. I’m learning a couple of new songs, new styles, and stuff like that… I feel like God has even called us to a particular style of worship (as He has done for other churches). I like skilled, simple worship. That doesn’t mean that there is a limit on the number of lead-worshipers on stage or that we’ll never have a guitar solo, but it means that I want to free the worship service from distractions. Today I was a part of a worship team at a very loud service that was very technical and they had dynamic lights and stuff… But I was able to really sing my heart out to God. I really enjoyed it. There have been other times when it’s been the exact opposite.

I want to raise up a worship team that is a group of well-discipled lead-worshipers. That, I believe, should be the core of any worship team, regardless of what style of church or music you have. Also, the focus for the worship service should always be Jesus. If it’s not on Him, it’s not worship… It turns just into a show. Now, those things are obvious, but how to practically apply these ideas can actually be a challenge. This is another thing that i want to be learning while I’m here. Please be praying for that. I always want to be a student, learning from the things around me.

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