Public Speaking

This weekend, I’m going to a youth conference, where I’ll be speaking about how to make choices in life.  I’m really excited about that.  I feel that one of the gifts that God has given me is teaching.  Please be praying for that part of the ministry God’s given me here.  I teach through a translator.  I’m learning Ukrainian, but it’s going slowly, and I really want to be able to teach in Ukrainian.

Also, since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to hone my public speaking abilities at our English video night.  It’s kinda funny to me that I enjoy it so much.  I was so very shy when I was younger, and I even remember my knees knockin’ a little when I spoke at Horizon Indianapolis (my sending church) about leaving for Ukraine.  I’ve really learned to enjoy it, though.

Please be praying that God will give me the words to speak this weekend and that I will really be able to impact these youth for His kingdom.  I really want to see them grow up strong in the Lord as warriors for Him.  Thanks a lot!

2 thoughts on “Public Speaking

  1. That's so great! I'm kinda sad, could not be there with you guys! Looking forward of downloading and listening to all speakers that where there, and to you in particular. Was praying for you friends, and hope you had an awesome time in worship, Word, prayers. God bless you, David:).Sasha e.:)

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