hard day yesterday

So… yesterday was weird for me in a few ways.  I’m only going to share one story from that day, though.  While I was walking down the street to the train station here in L’viv, I came across a pool of blood on the sidewalk.  I looked to my left, and, sitting in the grass, there was a man who was in his late forties with bloodshot eyes, scraggly, bloody hair, and a really bloody shirt.  There was an old woman standing over him, trying to keep him calm and seated, because he kept trying to stand up.

I got someone to call an ambulance and tried to help them as best I could.  I didn’t really know what to do.  I had my guitar in one hand, my backpack on my back, and a pizza in the other hand (I hadn’t eaten lunch yet).  I tried my best to help the old woman keep the man calm and prayed for them a couple of times.  I stayed with them until the ambulance came.  When I was done, I gathered up my stuff and went to the train station and met a friend who helped me clean up myself and my stuff that had a little blood on it.

That plus a few other things really rocked me last night.  After I got home, I suddenly started feeling alone…  Then I was reminded that God is our help, our sustainer, and our comforter.  He did comfort me last night, when no one else was there to do it.  I’m very thankful that He’s not just a God up there in space.  He’s our Heavenly Father, and He’s personally involved in our lives.

Right now, a, I’m sitting alone again, and the feelings are coming back, but I’m praying and God’s faithful.  He’ll get me through this time just like He did last night.

3 thoughts on “hard day yesterday

  1. :"(/:")This post made me feel sad and happy at the same time. There is so much going on around us, sometimes we have so much to do, so it's hard to stop and help someone. That's so great, you did not ignore those people in need. Oh, I know God sent you there, just to pray, call someone and be next to them. :)I think everyone, time-to-time, has this feeling of lonlyness. But isn't it great HE is ALWAYS NEXT TO YOU? You are HIS friend. That's so cool. He is faithful. He will get you through all hard times in your life. Thank you for reminding me about this. GOD IS NEXT TO US, ALL THE TIME. Psalms 112,113

  2. As I kept reading this blog, all I could think of was of the story you well know (I am pretty sure) from Luke 10:30-35, but what really sticks out is verse 33-34. Many people are too busy to stop and help someone out, many passed by, but you see, you stopped. Even though you had many things in your hands, you just simply stopped… You never know what God will do in that man's heart later on in his life… you did the greatest thing and it was answering God's call upon your life- to share His love, not just by sharing the gospel in Ukraine, but in action. God knows your heart's desire and once He gives you an opportunity, the enemy won't stop discouraging those who answer God's call. Why? Because you are the tool God is using to win people to Christ and that is what Satan hates the most… Instead of feeling lonely, don't think about it, but call someone up or just go for a walk… He loves you so much and you are doing His greatest work in the country of Ukraine.

  3. Blessed by you brother, glad our team gets to hang out with you this month and see how much God is doing in the incredible city of L'viv! Be encouraged, you are NEVER alone…the Lord promises that He is always with you and will never leave you

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