Growing in Faith

So… these past two weeks have been amazing. I’ve been hanging out with the CCBCi students from Indianapolis, and we’ve been doing outreach. It’s been great in many different ways, and I’ve grown from being with them.

The CCBCi guys and I hanging out in Kharkiv
One of the ways I’ve grown is in my faith. Now, I’m a planner. I like to think that God’s given me the gift of administration, and I’ve seen Him use that gift in my life many times. On the opposite side of that, I also have a tendency to freak out a little bit if things aren’t planned well, or, if they were planned, if things aren’t going according to plan. God’s used the Bible college students to hone that a bit during this trip.
Adam Tudor… being Adam… 🙂

One day, Mike Pratt, my pastor here in L’viv, asked me to get the students organized to pass out as many church invitations as we could. It was a holiday, so there were literally tens of thousands of people walking around the streets of downtown L’viv, and we had printed 10,000 fliers to pass out. As I began to arrange everyone, I got a little frustrated. To say it briefly, order was lacking and time was against us. I began to fear if we would even get a quarter of our fliers passed out. However, by the end of the day and without much personal effort, we’d passed out about 6,500-7,500 fliers. God reminded me that this is His ministry and He’s the one that takes care of it.

Playing games at the pizza party

Another example of this was today. We were planning a pizza party for the students we’ve met at the L’viv Polytechnic University. We’ve been helping to teach English there for the past few days, and we’ve met many students from the university. One thing after another stressed me out, even up to me almost getting run over by a car about a half our before I arrived to the church for the party. The worship team and I prayed about it when I got there, and we just trusted God.

Honestly, I don’t believe tonight could’ve gone better. People were ministered to. I believe lives were touched. The topic I taught about was dating, and four people came to me afterwards and asked me questions. Please pray for those folks. It’s three girls and two guys, and they were all asking about whether or not you should have sex before marriage.
The Bible college students did great. They did skits, played games, and just hung out with people. I suppose the only thing that would’ve excited me more tonight is if we had done an altar call and everyone in the room got saved. They did all hear the Gospel, though, and some of them heard it twice.
Thanks, God, for exceeding my expectations. You are an amazing God, and I am super happy that You allow me to be a small part of Your plan to that Your Good News to the world.
Thanks God,
David Snead

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