African Students

That’s a picture of me and my friend Jullio when we went to go see a movie with some friends.  Jullio is from Cameroon, a country in Northwest Africa.  He’s studying at one of the universities here in L’viv.  There are a few other students in our church from Cameroon and Nigeria.

Please be praying for the African students in Ukraine.  I personally think they have it much harder here than we do adapting.  First of all, Ukraine can be a very racist nation.  The police here often seek out Africans to extort money.  I’ve been in a store and seen one of my African friends be discriminated against right in front of my face.

Secondly, it’s sometimes harder for them to learn the language in school.  Two friends of mine from Nigeria are having a terrible time with that.  Teachers also often expect bribes from students.

Lastly, many students that come here to L’viv loose their spiritual heritage.  Please be praying for this especially.  Timothy, a friend of mine, was talking about others in his dorm that don’t go to church anymore since they came to college.  A big part of that could be that they can’t find churches that have services in a language that they can understand.

All that to say, please be praying for our African brothers and sisters here in Ukraine.  Ukrainian universities do a lot of advertising in Northern Africa, but they don’t tell the students of the hardships awaiting them here.

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