A short story long…

This is about how God’s changed my perspectives recently on finances…

While I was at the Speaker’s Week conference, I was sitting next to a young Hungarian man, and we had an opportunity to pray for each other during one of the sessions.  We started talking about what each other needed prayer for, and I explained to him my current financial situation and asked him to pray for wisdom concerning it.  From language lessons, to paying for the bus rides, everything costs here, and it’s a very mobile culture.

What complicates this for me is that about half of my year’s support was savings, while the other half I have been relying upon others to donate.  Recently, I’ve been relying almost entirely upon my savings and have had some unexpected expenses.

The conclusion I came to after talking to him was that, living the way I was, I really was trusting in my own methods rather than trusting God to provide for me, and I was inhibiting God’s ministry.  I decided to resume living the way that I believe God has called me to.  That basically means that I’ll be spending according to the budget that I have, even though I don’t have the funds to support myself for the full year.

As it is, the funds may last until sometime mid-spring, unless the Lord provides otherwise, totaling about 6-8 months stay in Ukraine.

Now, I definitely don’t want to beg anyone for money or anything like that.  It could be that God planned for me to be here a shorter time than what I committed to… and I’m definitely not saying, “Oh, please!  God needs your cash!  He can’t do His work without it!”

I do want to let you know, though, that there is an opportunity here that I would like to be a part of, and that you can also take part in. If you would like to help the work here financially, you can contact Diana or Scott at Horizon Indianapolis (call 317-823-2349) or go to the Support the Work page on this website.

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