Homeless Dude…

So, I met a homeless guy today.  I’ve seen him before, but I actually met him today.  The last time I saw him, I was watching him dance to the music of a local group of American Indian performers.  The performers will set up in the middle of downtown, play music, and sell souvenirs.  A lot of people think they are fake.  This guy obviously doesn’t think so by the way he was dancing.

When I saw him today, he was reaching in a trash can to pull out a coup and get something to drink.  I walked up to him and asked him, in Ukrainian if he was hungry, and he answered me in English.  That was really weird.  I talked to him in English for a couple of seconds, asking him if he was hungry again (because there was a McD’s right there…), and he said no.  I then told him, “Ok… God bless you.  Jesus loves you,” and walked away.

Please be praying for him.  I don’t know his name.

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