Well, that was an odd apple…

I just had the strangest experience with an apple…  Now, before your mind goes to all different disgusting, rotten apples, it was a very good apple.  It was what the apple reminded me of.

I bit into this apple, and I was taken back to my childhood, eating apple-flavored things and thinking “Well… this doesn’t taste much like an apple, but it’s good.”  I’m not talking about things that are granny-smith flavored (or “sour apple” flavored, for y’all that don’t know your apples… haha), just regular “Apple Bubble Gum” or stuff like that.  Even some apple juices tasted like that to me… and I figured it was just because of the imperfections of mechanically produced flavoring… until today.

This apple tasted just like that stuff… like apple cool-aid.  It actually tasted really good.

I couldn’t tell you what breed it is.  They don’t advertise the type at the market I shop at.  It’s just an apple to them.

Well, the next time you bite into something apple-flavored and think “Eh… this doesn’t taste much like an apple,” think again.  It just doesn’t taste like an apple you’ve eaten yet.  There’s a life lesson in here somewhere… oh, there it is:

The world’s a much bigger place than we think, and there’s much more to experience than we ever will.  Just imagine what Heaven will be like.

(Pictures taken with my new cell phone.  Thanks to all who contributed to getting me that.)

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