So… we’re starting a youth group in my apartment in one week.  Please pray for that.  God hasn’t really shown me what to teach on, yet for the weekly study.  I do have stuff that I can teach on, but I’m there with… well…  I can tell when God’s inspiring me to teach on something and when I’m just choking something up from my devotions.

There’s a few youth groups around town, but not one, that I know of, that specifically is targeting the students of L’viv Polytechnic University and Ivan Franko University.  I’m praying for God to “give me” both of those schools.  Please be praying that with me.  I’ve made a website for Friday Night L’viv (the youth group), that you can check out below:

Friday Night L’viv (English)
Friday Night L’viv (Ukrainian)

Some specific prayer requests for this are:

  • Hungry, seeking hearts
  • A translator – Lindsay can translate and will be doing that for the moment, but she speaks Russian, not Ukrainian, and she’s a girl, which makes counseling guys that don’t speak English a little harder for me.
  • Direction for the Bible study
  • An open door into the campuses of LPU and IFU
  • Inspiration with games and activities to do with the group (Ukrainians LOVE games, no matter what age group they are)

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