An Amazing Send-Off

Today was super awesome.

First, the church prayed for me… both services.  People were all over the place encouraging me, lifting my hands, and just praising the Lord for His Work.

Second, families in the church expressed the reality that the Family of Christ really is my family.  I love the people at Horizon, and it’s just so cool to know that they love me, too.

Lastly, I had an awesome going away party.  Thanks for everyone that came.  Thanks for everyone that meant to come.  You all have been a blessing.

I really, really, really appreciate being sent.  I’ve seen many people leave churches and not be sent.  Our mission statement is: Win, Disciple, Send… and I am being Sent.  I knew when I graduated Bible college that I wanted to be sent out.  I didn’t know where, but I knew that I wanted the blessing of the people of God behind me, recognizing that what I was doing was for God.  I had no clear vision for it back then, but now I see the fulfillment of that desire.

Lord, thank You again for this family, this local body of believers that You have provided.

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