Extension #5, I think…?

The travel agent’s given me another extension for the ticket $$$… but I’m starting to wonder if God’s waiting for something other than me.  He’s teaching me a lot about my own selfishness, pride, impatience, and lack of diligence in this time.  That’s been good.  Please pray for me to get stronger in my devotions.  I do need to know exactly what He wants me to do now, but I need to seek Him more than that.

Please pray for Nicole, she’s on her way to Ukraine right now.  She left this evening.  That’s really odd for me, ’cause I forgot she was leaving today…  hmm…  Josh is leaving soon, too.  (You can read more about these two on the “The Team” page).

Camp Indy started today.  I will be with that ministry until I leave for Ukraine, I think, unless the Lord chooses otherwise.  I love Camp.

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