The Teams Are Off!

On Monday, we sent out the CCBCi team to Ukraine.  Tuesday, we sent out the team to Kyrgyzstan.  Today, the stateside team is having their first meeting.

Here’s an update for Ukraine:

Hello to all our family and friends!
    Well this is your first update from us in Ukraine, and we made it! Everyone is alive and well and we are safely at the Pratt’s house. Just to give you guys a little update, we’ve been traveling since yesterday at 7:30 am your time, and just got done about two hours ago, it’s 8:00 am over there now. We had a few minor problems during our travels, Carly’s name was spelled wrong, Nathan had the wrong boarding passes (his had Ryan’s name too), and Josh almost wasn’t let in to Ukraine due to his passport going through the wash once before. Despite all these things, the Lord still brought us here and right on time, it’s amazing to see His hand work and bring us where He desires us to be despite the potential holdbacks! It’s been an adventure with all the traveling, and we’ve been very blessed. We will be taking a train in the morning and heading to Turnopil, so please pray that things go smoothly and we make it there okay! There are two photos attatched so you guys can have a glimpse into our journey. Thank you all so much for all of your prayers and your support! We love you all!

In Christ,
CCBCi Ukraine Practicum Team

P.S. To Heather Lee, Evyn says hi. And there were two women on the plane that thought Courtney was Nathans daughter, haha!

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