God’s Moving

Please, please, please keep prayin’.  This isn’t the end, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m at about 28% support now…  I know I’m talking about money a lot… it’s my stretch of faith.  If you guys are praying for me, I’d like you to know how I’m doing.

I hate money…  haha


Monthly Support –
     Raised: $225/month
     Needed: $1,100/month

Ticket Money –
     Raised: $1,000
     Needed: About $1,500-$2,000…  The travel agent hasn’t
          gotten back to me for the adjusted price yet.  This is a
          conservative guess.

Starter Money (e-mail me if you’d like a list of what this is) –
     Raised: $0
     Needed: About $2,560

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