David started a new podcast!


We’re exploring many different ways to minister online, and one of those ways is to encourage other missionaries and folks back home through a new podcast, David Snead Ukraine Missions. If you would like an inside look about how missionaries are continuing ministry, connecting with church members, evangelising, and even figuring out the Lord’s Support online, check out the podcast. There are already two episodes.

There are three ways to get it:

Our church is changing how we receive support

Our church is changing the way that we receive support online. We’re hoping to make this as easy as possible for everyone. If you have any issues at all, please be sure to contact us.

Here is the letter that I received from Tammy Hole, our new missions coordinator at Horizon Indy:

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 16.18.23


Please note Horizon Missions is in the process of switching to a new online giving platform.

Your missionary support can be given to Horizon Missions the following three ways:

  1. Mail a check to Horizon Missions, ATTN: Accounting, 7702 Indian Lake Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236. Be sure to enclose a note saying “For David and Katya Snead”, so that it gets to us.
  2. Use automatic bill pay with your bank and they will mail us a check.
  3. Or through Electronic Giving – please follow the instructions here:

If you have never given through Tithe.ly before, but wish to do so now:

  • Visit https://get.tithe.ly/. Select “Sign Up Free”, then select the option for “Give to Your Church”.
  • Click “Give Online”, enter your email address and create a password, then click “Create Account”. Complete the fields for requested information.
  • On the next page, search for and select the option for “Horizon Christian Fellowship, 7702 Indian Lake Road, Indianapolis, IN 46236”
  • At the bottom of next page, select your option for “credit/debit” or “bank account”. Enter the requested account information.
  • Enter the amount you wish to give and select the specific missionary name you which to donate to. If you desire, you will have the option to set up your gift to recur as often as you wish. If you do not select this option, your gift will process just one time.
  • Select your payment type and indicate if you would like to cover the bank fees. Complete your address and click the green button to submit your payment.

If you already give electronically monthly:

Follow the steps above to set up your giving account in Tithe.ly and make your first donation. From this point forward, please do not return to Horizon’s old giving system. The old system will be shut down on April 30th. At this time, our website still points to the old system (Stewardship Technologies). Please do not use this access point to give.

If you give electronically with recurring transactions:

Once you have created your new giving account in Tithe.ly as outlined above, THEN log in to your account on our old system and cancel any future donations.

Once again, if you have any issues at all, please be sure to contact us or call Tammy Hole at the church office: +1 (317) 823-2349.

Feeling a little overwhelmed today…

Today has been a little hard with getting starting and getting things done. I sometimes struggle with anxiety, especially when I have a conflict with someone (don’t worry – it’s not Katya) that I’m not sure how to resolve, and when there are a bunch of deadlines or financial ups-and-downs that converge at the same time. That’s today.

Here’s a song that I wrote a couple of years ago on a day like today. Please pray for me, so that I can get through the day, make peace with folks in a godly way, and that God would provide for our financial needs. The deadlines are for seminary and for preaching this Sunday.

I’m writing a newsletter right now (please click here to sign up for our e-mail newsletter if you haven’t yet) about some of those things. It’s often hard to write newsletters on a day like today, because I always want to show just the positive side of what we’re doing here. That’s what people want to hear, right? 🙂 Anways – y’all can pray for that, too.


Adventures with buying phones :(

Why do we always seem to have adventures with buying phones? 😦 A friend of mine just received this phone in the mail for me, but the box was open and the phone was literally rattling around in the box.

Here’s a picture of what he saw when he opened the box:


Katya and I also had a terrible time getting her T-Mobile Pixel 3a XL unlocked after buying it in the States in 2019. It took from July to November to get that done.

Update: We’ve decided to keep the phone. My friend looked it over, and he said that there were no scratches and everything is working properly.

Worship seminar in Lutsk

I got to do a worship seminar for Calvary Lutsk, the church that my faculty dean at UBTS started. His brother, Andrew, now pastors the church. Katya and I went up to Lutsk (a city about 3 hours away) on Friday, I did a seminar for the worship team on Saturday, and I got to lead worship on Sunday as well. We had so much fun and it felt so natural, that by the end of the weekend I felt like I was playing with my own team back home.

David leading worship in Lutsk

Please pray for the worship team at Calvary Lutsk. They are a great team that is working on both “heart and professionalism”. I’m hoping to have them out to Lviv someday to visit our church.