The Bouquet over the Abyss

Can Jesus love you after you’ve had an abortion?

Abortion in Ukraine

Over half of Ukrainian pregnancies end in abortion. Eastern Europe has the greatest amount of abortions in the world per capita – even greater than China, which for many years had a law only allowing one child per family. There are ministries and organizations here that try to counteract this trend; however, it is rarely from a Gospel-centered standpoint.

Most ministries here focus on people that are still making the decision to have an abortion. An example of this is YesHeIs, a local video ministry. The moral of their shortfilm is stated as this, “Abortion is the illusion of choice. Don’t allow yourself to be deceived.” Also, they only produce videos in Russian, which cuts out a huge portion of the population of Ukraine that are either 1) unfamiliar with the language, or 2) have automatic negative connotations with the language through political repressions in the USSR or the current war with Russia.

Our Project

In order to reach these young people, we are producing “The Bouquet over the Abyss” as a Ukrainian-language shortfilm. It will not be an argumentative piece; viewers who are considering an abortion or have had one will not feel attacked by theology or logic, because this film will follow the story of a young woman who has an abortion herself. Also, the main message of this story is Jesus Christ and how He can change the life and forgive the sins of a real person, not simply that “abortion is bad”. At the end of the film, we will have a link to a website where they can get in touch with professional, Christian counselors who can both give real advice to prevent a future abortion, deal with the stress the viewer has, and present the Gospel to them.


The production team for our last evangelistic shortfilm, “Ivana Kupala Night”, dressed in traditional Ukrainian garb.

Story Synopsis

The story follows Halya, a young woman in Kyiv, through her journey from being alone at 25, to finally falling in love and finding adventure with a young man, to getting pregnant. Her boyfriend, who doesn’t want to be a father, leaves her for another relationship. This sends Halya on a downward spiral that begins with an abortion and ends with partying, drinking, and eventually standing on a bridge (pictured above) contemplating ending her life. She sees a church in the distance and decides to come in from the cold. This gives her the opportunity to meet a priest, who tells her that peace, love, and forgiveness cannot be found in parties, drinking, lovers, or even religion, but only in Jesus Christ.


Shooting a scene for “Ivana Kupala Night”.

International Impact

Every country from Austria to Moscow is affected by this issue, so we see the potential effect of this for good spreading much further than Ukraine. Eastern Europe has the highest abortion rate per capita in the world, which is why we want to create versions of this film in German, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, and Russian. However, in order to redub this film, we need to first finish the Ukrainian and Russian versions.

Timelines and Budgets

Preproduction has already started, and we will finish that in the summer of 2018, starting production in the fall of 2018. Postproduction will follow, with release and promotion in 2019.

Budget for Ukrainian and Russian version:

  • Preproduction – $5,000
  • Production – $15,000
  • Postproduction – $5,000
  • Promotion – $5,000
  • Contingency – $5,000

Total: $35,000

Estimated additional budget for recording other versions: $50,000

More details are available upon request.

Summary and Contact Information

This project is much more than a film about abortion. It speaks to the heart through story, it advances Ukrainian culture by being one of the few Ukrainian-language films, it has the potential to reach millions of people all over Eastern Europe, and it tells more about the greatness of Christ than the evils of abortion.

Please pray for this film and the ministry that will come with it! If you would like to join our team financially and help us to give birth to this grand vision, please use the link below:

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