Pictures from our trip

Our trip through America has been going well – it’s been wonderful to see friends and family throughout the United States. Though there has been hard news of attacks and bombings in Ukraine, we have still had times of rest and peace while we are here.

Katya and David sharing at a church in Iowa…
Spending time with friends and Ukrainian refugees in California…
Listening to teaching at the CGN conference in Costa Mesa…
Hiking together in Tennessee…
Visiting the Empty Cross in Kerrville, TX…
…all the while hearing about bombings and attacks back home in Ukraine.

That last one is the hard part about being here in America while everything is going on back there. People sometimes say to us, “I’m sure you’re glad you’re back here and not there!” Honestly, it hurts to be here while your friends are hurting or are under attack back home. We are definitely thankful for times to rest and be with family and friends; however, we are looking forward to going home and helping with the continuing needs there.

We really need wisdom for this. We want to serve well and safely – please pray along with us that God would show us His will for our family, including the specific needs that we can meet, without neglecting the work that He wants to do in our hearts as a family.

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